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Serendipitous Land Research

White is not the only Hanover County surname that I research.  And sometimes, researching multiple surnames can lead to unexpected surprises.  Such was the case while researching my Wade family connection with friend and fellow researcher Sydni Thurmond-Hamill.

Sydni has a very lively and well connected Instagram presence.  A great passion of hers is to follow historic architecture and landscapes.  One of her favorite Instagram architectural historians is Gray O'Dell  who one day posted a photo of Quietude, a historic home in Hanover County off McClellan Road.  In the post, O'Dell mentioned Edmond Wade/Waid (herein after Wade) and his possible lineage.  Knowing of my Wade family interest, Sydni excitedly texted me and we were off and running in trying to determine Edmond Wade's ancestors by taking the "follow the land" approach.
Sydni began identifying Wade properties that were labeled on various Civil War era maps. Using these old maps retrieved from the Library o…
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What Became of the Land for "John White's Orphans, Robert Brane in Possession Thereof"?

The first extant St. Paul's Parish procession record after Mr. John White's 1744 death is for the year 1751, followed by a procession order in 1755 and a return in 1756.   Below is a comparison chart showing the names of the land owners in the Yellow Community between the processions of 1744 and 1756.  Fortunately, there appears to have been a pattern of recording the names within the precinct beginning each time with John Howard and followed similarly.  Changes in ownership can be determined by analyzing the names going across the table.  For example, in 1744, John Muirfield owned a tract of land within the Yellow Community.  But in 1751, Anthony Winston and John White took possession of Muirfield's land.  They held this tract of land through 1756.  The mention of Whites as property owners are highlighted in yellow.   

For clarification, although the above chart shows that a John White, along with Anthony Winston, purchased land from John Muirfield located in the Yellow Co…

What Happened to Mr. John White's Lands?

In the previous post, the general location of Mr. John White's four different tracts of land in St. Paul's Parish were identified.  Each tract was located in a distinctly different location within the parish.  So, what happened to these lands?

Based upon the St. Paul's Parish Vestry Record, Mr. John White conveyed two of these tracts of land sometime between 1719 and 1731 to John White Jr. and Samuel White.  Unfortunately, there are no extant parish procession records or deeds between 1719 and 1731, so the actual year of these transactions cannot be confirmed.  But we do know that by 1731, John White Jr. was in possession of the land surrounding Beaverdam Creek in the Green Community, and Samuel White became the owner of the land in the Blue Community.  An analysis of what happened to John White Jr.'s land and Samuel White's land will be outlined in a future post.

After Mr. John White transferred his lands in the Green and Blue Communities to John White Jr. and …

Mr. John White's Land in St. Paul's Parish - Purple Community

The fourth and final track of land that Mr. John White owned within St. Paul's Parish was obtained some time between 1719 and 1731. Based upon the 1735 St. Paul's processional records, Mr. White sold this land some time between 1732 and 1735.  Although this tract of land was not held for a long period of time by Mr. White or passed on to his heirs, it is still of interest to know where he owned land.  Once again, there is no evidence of how Mr. John White came into possession of this land or how he sold it.  Consequently, there is no known land description.  To determine the general location of Mr. John White's fourth piece of property, it is necessary to analyze the lands of the other property owners mentioned in the 1731/32 Precinct 6 procession record including: 

Mr. John Bowls, Richard Winn, John Johnson, John Sutton, Stephen Sunter, Widow Wade, Widow Casey, Philip Reynolds, John Glenn, and Anthony Winston's orphans 

For the purposes of this research, this neighborho…

Mr. John White's Land - Blue Community

Between 1715 and 1719, Mr. John White obtained another tract of land in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County.  As with the Yellow and Green Communities, the precinct numbering for this property changed over time.  In order to follow this particular piece of land in the St. Paul's Parish processioning record, it has been color coded in the Blue Community.  

Where was Mr. John White's land in the Blue Community located?  Once again, this is a really difficult question to answer as there is no record of how Mr. John White obtained this land.  The location of this property can be best determined by researching the lands of the large number of surrounding property owners which included:
John Shelton, Edward and Richard Bullock, John Philips, William, Henry, and John Talley, James Whitlock, Francis and Robert Hester, Widow and Nathaniel Anderson, William Eake, Nicholas Mills, Anthony Hughes, John and Robert Tait, James Durham, John Pond, John Langston, Widow Hickman, Richard Richard…