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Mr. John White's Land - Blue Community

Between 1715 and 1719, Mr. John White obtained another tract of land in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County.  As with the Yellow and Green Communities, the precinct numbering for this property also changed over time.  In order to follow this particular piece of land in the St. Paul's Parish processioning record, it has been color coded in the Blue Community.  

Where was Mr. John White's land in the Blue Community located?  Once again, this is a really difficult question to answer as there is no record of how Mr. John White obtained this land.  The location of this property can be best determined by researching the lands of the large number of surrounding property owners which included:
John Shelton, Edward and Richard Bullock, John Philips, William, Henry, and John Talley, James Whitlock, Francis and Robert Hester, Widow and Nathaniel Anderson, William Eake, Nicholas Mills, Anthony Hughes, John and Robert Tait, James Durham, John Pond, John Langston, Widow Hickman, Richard Ri…
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Mr. John White's Land in St. Paul's Parish - Yellow Community

Since we now know the Green Community was located along the Chickahominy River loosely bounded by Beaverdam and Powhite Creeks, we should be able to find the general location of the Yellow Community.   If we look at the below table which shows the St. Paul's Parish procession precinct information for Mr. John White's lands, we can see from the precinct numbering pattern from 1711 to 1719, that the Green and Yellow Communities were adjacent or very near to one another.  And since there is no known record for how Mr. John White obtained land in the Green Community or a description of the land, the key to narrowing in on a more specific location is the available property information for the other landowners listed in the precinct processions.

Neighboring Land Owners
As mentioned in a previous entry, the early neighboring land owners for Mr. John White's property in the Yellow Community were Thurmond/Thurman, Jerrard/Garrett, Trotman, Woody, Howard, Muirfield, Lindsey, and Barke…

Mr. John White's Lands near Beaverdam Creek and Chickahominy River - Green Community

The early Green Community property owners included John White, Edward Clark, Charles Fleming, Capt. Nathaniel West, Thomas Massey/Massie, Thomas Bailey, Richard Melton, and William Macon (son of Mr. Gideon Macon).   When we check the 1708/08 St. Paul's Parish processioning records, these names are conspicuously missing.  However, the 1708/09 processional record is missing entries for precincts 31 and 32.  It is very likely that the Green Community comprised one of these missing precincts.  By analyzing the 1711 to 1719 procession records in the below chart, the Green and Yellow communities were consistently listed as precincts 18 and 19 implying that they were near one another, if not adjacent.  Since the Yellow community in 1708/09 made up Precinct 33, it is very likely that the Green community was either precinct 31 or 32.  

Procession Years and Precincts for Mr. John White's Lands
Locating the Green Community
The primary key to locating the general location of the Green Commun…

The Lands of Mr. John White in St. Paul's Parish

The Lands of Mr. John White in St. Paul's Parish

Knowing the lands of Mr. John White helps us to understand more about his life.  However, this is not an easy task since most of the colonial wills and deeds for Hanover and New Kent Counties were unfortunately destroyed during the Civil War.  In order to learn about Mr. John White's lands, it is necessary to scour The Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, the principle source of land information for early Hanover and New Kent Counties.

The first known procession of lands within St. Paul's Parish occurred in 1708/09.  The vestry divided the parish into smaller sections called precincts, and then ordered that a procession of the property boundaries within each precinct be carried out.  The land owners from a given precinct "walked" the boundary lines together confirming where one person's land ended and another's began.  When the procession was completed, a list of all the property owners within the precinct …

Mr. John White Records 1695 to 1705

1695 to 1705 Record Analysis for John White
1695 Court Order to Maintain Roadways
The 1695 New Kent County Court order for Mr. John White is an excellent record.It provides an honorific name to follow, as well as a specific geographical region within New Kent County.More importantly, the time span from 1695 (original court order) to 1705 (confirmation of the court order) shows that Mr. John White had an interest in this geographical area for at least ten years.Figure 1 illustrates an approximate boundary of the court order described area.The boundary was drawn on an 1867 map of Hanover County retrieved from the Library of Congress

A  Represents the mouth of Elder Swamp at Chickahominy River
B  Represents the unknown Little Creek, branch of Matadequin Creek C  Represents the approximate area for Pole Green Quarter D  Represents the mouth of Beaverdam Creek at Chickahominy River

This geographical boundary will be important when analyzing the precinct processions of St. Paul's Parish.