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John and Judith Hooper Thurman in Goochland County, Virginia

Although we don't know the exact marriage date for John Thurman and Judith Hooper, we do know that they were living in Goochland County, Virginia by October 7, 1777.  This was the day that "John Thurman and Judith of Goochland" signed a Charlotte County deed to sell 460 acres of land on a branch of Cubb Creek to Charles Jordan.  A transcribed version of the deed is provided below.

Exactly how John and Judith came into possession of these 460 acres is uncertain.  However, a year and a half before the Thurmans sold their land to Jordan, John Thurman was listed as part of an indenture with Meredith Catchings and Ann Catchings in the Charlotte County Virginia Order Book 4, page 81.  As you can see from the below entry, the purpose of the order was not made clear and finding this indenture in the Charlotte County deed books has proven fruitless.  Another look for the indenture is certainly warranted.  But it is possible that this indenture pertained to John Thurman's purc…

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